Keepsake Blanket


This keepsake blanket is the perfect way to add all those cherished items of clothing that you hate to hide away. What better way than to have them made into a cosy blanket that you and your little one can snuggle up into!

I recommend sending a minimum of 12 items for a standard, 25 items for the medium and 32 for the single bed size.

Any items that are not used will be sent back to you with your finished keepsake. Each blanket is backed with Polar bear fleece and you have the choice of several different colours to choose. You can add up to 30 characters of embroidery for no additional charge! Any extra you wish to add is a small fee.

Photo credit – Holly Andrews (Child Willow- Rea)

Instagram – officalwillowrea

Size *

Customize the Size of your Keepsake Blanket

Fleece Colour *

Select the colour of the backing fleece on your Keepsake Blanket

Embroidery (Included)

One Square of Embroidery is included in the price

Additional Embroidery

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Product Description

Handmade with care from the clothes your enjoyed seeing your baby in the most.   

Materials Required –

Small pram size : 6-8 items Grows, Vests or equivilant material
Standard size : 12 Grows, Vests or equivilant material
Medium size :  23 Grows, Vests or equivilant material
Single Quilt size :  32-35 Grows, Vests or equivilant items of clothing or material

Please DO NOT send more items than requested otherwise this puts the price up on the return postage.

Delivery estimate – 6 Weeks from arriving at our workshop.