We transform your childs clothes into special Keepsakes to cherish forever. Please visit the shop to see what we offer.

Current Turnaround Time – Up to 8 weeks.


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These animals are NOT suitable for children under the age of 14.

I make these products at home so they can’t be CE Toy Standard accredited. Firstly, because part of the testing process is to set fire to them! Secondly, materials such as eyes, bows and buttons pose a choking hazard. Thirdly, as the Keepsakes are made out of used clothing, they are likely to be more fragile than toys made from new fabric. Therefore, I must stress that they are a Keepsake and not a toy. Please, please, please do not give them to under 14’s to play with!

I can not accept any responsibility for accidents that occur if these guideline have not been followed.

Thank you


Doll Keepsake

Bear Keepsake

Blanket Keepsake

Cushion Keepsake

Jointed Bear Keepsake

Elephant Keepsake

Cat Keepsake

Lion Keepsake

Rabbit Keepsake

Penguin Keepsake

Duck Keepsake

Cow Keepsake

Dragon Keepsake

Giraffe Keepsake

Dog Keepsake

Owl Keepsake

Monkey Keepsake